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The Pain to Chocolate Threshold.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’ve started off my day by eating chocolate for breakfast. Not in a Bridget Jones “why am I so single” kinda way. More in a, “Well, it was left over in the fridge, and it was looking at me” way.

On Friday, I went to my usual Personal Training session. I’m not normally one for spending money on things like personal training…or on life, in general (I’m an ex-accountant, for goodness sake). My thoughts, up until recently, have always been that surely whatever they teach you, you can just do yourself, right? Continue reading “The Pain to Chocolate Threshold.”

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How Good is Your Textiquette?

Sometimes, the lack of a smiley face can lead to problems.

After my friend tagged me in a Facebook post the other day, I sent him a private message.

“What the heck did you tag me in that for?”

In my head, it was playful banter. The question still valid; but it certainly wasn’t something I was upset about.

“Sheesh!” he replied. “Calm down!” Continue reading “How Good is Your Textiquette?”