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Red Frogs & Cigarettes

My search for holy grail of “moderation” began in 2015. I had renounced my strict “no wheat, no sugar” diet, and found an extra 7 or so kilos had decided to call my body their home. Despite some initial half-hearted efforts, I found it hard to remove them, because – quite honestly – I just didn’t care that much. Sure, I was extra-curvaceous, but meh. Continue reading “Red Frogs & Cigarettes”

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The Supermarket: A Place for Spiritual Practice

Like most of us, I do my best to be a nice person. It’s partly for selfish reasons, to be honest – I want to be so stable and happy within myself that no-one can really bother me. I can’t think of a better place to practise than the most annoying place on Earth: the humble supermarket.

Continue reading “The Supermarket: A Place for Spiritual Practice”

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Let the Seeds Grow as They Will

Attachment, podcasts, grey hairs and how everything changes at 37.

Over the weekend I listened to a Jack Kornfield podcast on the subject of attachment. Podcasts are a strange new world for me, I used to hate them with a passion. And I’m not one to use the word hate lightly. For starters, there’s no control over the pace of learning…it requires a tonne of patience which is not a virtue I possess. Secondly, I’ve always been a highly visual learner. But when I hit 37 this year, that suddenly changed. Continue reading “Let the Seeds Grow as They Will”