The Fat Stinkin’ Elephant in the Room

I cringe when I look back on any writing I’ve done where I talk about being fairly content in life. Not because it’s a lie. I cringe because it paints only a partial truth – I am MOSTLY happy. You must not forget the MOSTLY. It was a long road to get to MOSTLY from RARELY. Why am I yelling?
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This is Water: David Foster Wallace on the ‘Self-Centredness’ of Life

David Foster Wallace, American novelist and short story writer, is a person I was unfamiliar with until I recently heard his Kenyon College commencement address, which took place in 2005. After hearing it, I’m completely besotted. In the words of Emery Allen, “I think I fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul.” Continue reading “This is Water: David Foster Wallace on the ‘Self-Centredness’ of Life”


Dani Shapiro: Time, Memory… Marriage?

I have just finished Dani Shapiro’s book Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage, and I am frustrated. Not because the book is a bad read and I’ve wasted my time – no, I’m frustrated that it has been labelled a book which is predominately about Dani’s marriage. Continue reading “Dani Shapiro: Time, Memory… Marriage?”